Committee members

The local committee for the Gwent DA is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and are all active members of the Camping and Caravanning Club in the Gwent DA area. The committee are always looking for interested members to join them.  The minimum on a committee is six but more members are always welcome.

More members, more ideas and better weekend and holiday meets.

If you would like to help by stewarding a meet, then speak to one of the committee who will be happy to advise how you can get involved.


  Chairman                                     Vice Chairman                         Secretary
Mike Doody                                      Anita Ray                              Jean Doody

   Treasurer                                    Sites Officer                      Executive Member   Linda Anslow                                    Sue Jones                           Tony Anslow                                  

                                                       Elected Members
                                        Derek Ray, Clive Jones, John Wadling