Please note change of venue.

The 2018 Annual General meeting of the Gwent District Association will take place at 19:30 on Saturday 7 April 2018, at Goytre Village Hall, Newton Road, Penperlleni, NP4 0AW.  For further details or to submit your apologies contact Jean Doody, DA Secretary.

Have you ever thought of getting more involved with the DA?  Or wondered who or how we organise meets and agree sites.  If you would like to find out or have some spare time to join the committee we would be pleased to hear from you.

We will be seeking nominations for a DA treasurer at the AGM.  Linda our present treasurer will be standing down in November 2018, and without a treasurer we cannot continue.  If you feel you could fill Linda’s shoes or would like to find out more information please have a chat with Linda, you would be able to shadow Linda for the rest of year to see how things work.