What is involved in Stewarding?
Stewards are a mainstay for the any group, no stewards = no meet, that said stewarding can be a rewarding experience.

There are two kinds of steward, especially for our THS. The main (first) steward tends to be the one that is on site from the start of the meet and is the person who is last to leave the meet. We tend to have 2 or 3 stewards at a THS depending on duration and 1 or 2 for our weekend or 4/5 night meets, but this can change subject to the number of pitches available and social events planned. The extra steward/s for a THS means that stewards can also get off site to explore the area.

If you are considering helping to steward a meet its best start at a meet closer to home, you will have local knowledge which you can impart to other members and also have time to gather literature say from the local tourist information office.

The main steward tends to arrive early on the morning of the meet, or occasionally if preferred and with arrangements with the landowner, the afternoon before the meet. The last steward to leave ensures the site is clean and tidy before departure at midday or at the agreed time.

Pitch fees are taken in cash, via contactless and/or in advance, depending on the event.  The main steward is responsible for collecting the monies, many of our landowners now accept payment after an event via bank transfer which is arranged by the DA treasurer.  Details of nights camped etc and collecting an invoice from the landowner are the responsibility of the steward.

The DA or landowner usually cover a stewards pitch fee (including electric where applicable) for the entire stay. On some occasions a steward may be asked to pay for their pitch, but this is reimbursed by the DA via expenses.

The stewards are responsible for greeting everyone on arrival, taking their membership details and recording them on the paperwork. They may provide tea and coffee on campers arrival, this is a nice touch but not essential. The stewards also make the arrangements for coffee mornings/social evenings or events and organise a raffle.

After the meet the stewards advise the sites officer of the number of nights camped in order that the necessary returns can be sent to HQ. Any surplus from the meet is passed over to the DA treasurer, or paid into our bank account. In the event of a deficit, you will be reimbursed by the treasurer in due course.  Some expenses can be claimed back from the DA.

Stewards Pack
All of the necessary paperwork for meets can be downloaded for viewing or printing from the website. There is also the green paper for stewards which lists the stewards responsibilities.

  1. Green Paper – Guidance for Stewards
  2. 6 Meter Rule